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Vanita Profile 2 (1 of 1)Welcome to Citrus! I am Dr. Vanita Rahman, an internal medicine physician, plant-based nutritionist, and exercise specialist. I believe in preventing and treating chronic diseases with nutrition and lifestyle, rather than medication or surgery.

Obesity is a global epidemic. The average American has a 50% risk of being overweight at some point in his lifetime, and a 25% risk of being obese. These numbers are not mere statistics. As a practicing Internal Medicine physician for over ten years, I have cared for innumerable patients with obesity related complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and cardiovascular disease. I have seen my patients struggle with the dire emotional and medical consequences of being overweight. I have seen the frustration and hopelessness on my patients’ faces as they have repeatedly asked me the same question, “Dr. Rahman, can you help me lose the weight?” Unfortunately, a 20 minute medical office visit does not allow me the time to counsel my patients on a healthy weight loss and lifestyle modification strategy.

I understand my patients’ struggle with weight loss, as I myself have struggled to lose excess weight since my teenage years. My patients’ and my own personal journey with overweight and obesity have inspired me to establish Citrus. At Citrus, I work directly with clients to help them achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle. I design an individualized lifestyle program which includes regular physical exercise, healthy and balanced diet, rest and relaxation techniques.

You maybe wondering why I chose the name, “Citrus”, for my practice. Citrus fruits, such as oranges, epitomize a healthy snack. They are natural, tasty, easy and fun to eat, and full of essential nutrients. I believe every meal we eat should have the same attributes. Our food should be natural, not processed. Our food should nourish us, rather than simply filling us up. Our food should be enjoyable to prepare and eat. Our food should energize us rather than weigh us down. Eating healthily is paramount to a healthy lifestyle because our food provides us with the energy we need to do everything else.


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